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What I do

Don't let the insurance companies cheat you!

If you were injured in an auto, workplace or any  other type of accident you may be entitled to reimbursement for property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages.  The insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying what you - by law- deserve

No Fee for Consultation

There is no cost or obligation for calling me to discuss your case.  If you hire me, you pay nothing unless we win your claim.  Fees will be paid out of the proceeds of the settlement.

58 Years of Legal Experience

You need someone to look out for your interests.  I know the law and the tactics the insurance companies try to play.  My 58 years of experience make me uniquely qualified to secure favorable results for my clients.  

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Law Office of Richard S. Cohan 

6677 N. Lincoln Road

Lincolnwood, IL 60712

(312) 939-7777

Fax: 312-939-8887

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